Reddit, you disgust me..

So here’s a thing the CEO of Reddit has said¬†(emphasis mine):

"We will ban the posting of personal information, because it incites violence and harassment against specific individuals,” Mr Wong said.

I just.. I don’t even know where to begin with this. I’ve been pretty upset with Reddit’s response to the whole michael brutsch/violentacrez/jailbait/creepshots thing… but I am disgusted with this statement.

How. The. Fuck. can you claim to support a policy because it prevents violence and harassment against specific individuals when you actively support communities like /jailbait and /creepshots. These are communities that support harassment against specific individuals. Fuck - these are communities BUILT on harassment against specific individuals.

I don’t know if Mr Wong is trying to insinuate that the people in these pictures are not individuals, or that the act of taking a non-consensual¬†picture of someone and uploading it to a community based around the sexualization and fetishization of this content is not harassment (and that it cannot to lead to violence), or both.

Regardless, I’m disgusted.

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